I Am Saving

Simple app to teach kids save money.

I Am Saving on iPhone XS Max
I Am Saving on iPhone XS Max
I Am Saving on iPhone XS Max

Children learn saving money

If you give your child pocket money on a weekly basis, this app will help them learn to save.

A parent or a child sets up a saving goal by telling the app what they'd like to save for, how much it costs, how much money they have now and how much they receive weekly. The app then visualizes the progress and tells the child mow long then need to keep saving.

Good habits

Tracking money is a good habit that will help kids when they grow up.

The app helps to get used to logging incomes and outcomes. Every time the child receives pocket money or spends some, they open the app and input how much money they received or spent. After doing that, they see an updated progress towards their saving goal.

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Note for parents

Help you child setting up their goal for the first time and encourage them to save by offering them a piggy bank or something similar.

The app works best for children of ages 6–12. If the child doesn't yet know how to count money, offer them your help.


Our privacy policy is very simple: you own your data and we don't need it.

We're taking children's privacy very seriously.

The app does not collect or send any data to anyone. Nobody except you have access to your data. You own it and it stays on your device.

How come it's free?

We are happy to provide basic features for free but are considering premium features in the future.

Our promise: the features you already have for free will remain free.

The app does not ask to rate it in the App Store, so if you're reading this, consider leaving an honest review. It helps a lot.

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